School of the Feminine Divine

Advanced Diploma in Sacred Arts - Level 2
Advanced Diploma-Level 3 FAQ Application Resource List
The Sacred Garden

1st Semester: Ancient Feminine Wisdom Teachings of the Dark Moon, the Goddess and the World Mother
  • Creating the sacred garden
  • Ancient mythology and symbolism of the Sacred Feminine
  • Mysteries of the Dark Moon
  • Teachings of the sacred Dark Moon Goddesses
  • Wisdom of the Pleiades/Matariki
  • Profound healing of the emotional body
  • Honouring Mother Earth
  • Re-creating a sacred vision of woman

2nd Semester: Ancient Wisdom Stirring of the Dragon Energies
  • Working/playing/dancing in the sacred garden
  • Honouring Mother Earth and working with deva and elementals
  • In depth healing and balancing of the chakras
  • Meditation and healing with sacred geometry chakra mandalas
  • Conscious living with sacred masculine energies
  • Creating ceremony in the sacred garden
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