School of the Feminine Divine
Diploma in Sacred Arts

This is an in-depth one year program for those people who are ready to take an evolutionary step on their spiritual path.

A transformative journey into;
Sacred feminine energies
Shamanic healing and journeying
Working with nature and deva
Living a sacred life in the world
Using the medicine wheel
Dreaming your passions awake
Knowing the Goddess
Profound self healing
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Advanced Diploma in Sacred Arts Levels 2 and 3

This is an advanced two-year program. The Diploma in Sacred Arts is a prerequisite.
Fields covered in the first year are taken to a deeper level and new fields of Sacred Arts are explored.

A profound journey into;
Sacred Feminine Consciousness
The Goddess and Ageless Wisdom Teachings
Myth and symbolism of the Dark Moon
Profound self healing
Sacred Geometry Mandalas
The Sacred Garden
The Sacred Marriage
Touching the Soul
Creating an Act of Beauty
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One and Two Day Workshops

Mary Magdalene: The Medicine Path of the Rose

Return of the Goddess: healing of the Divine Feminine Body through sacred sound, codes, dance, art and ancient stories.

Remembering the sacred feminine: a day of learning about and meditation with Ascended Lady Masters

Opening the gateway to your heart: experiencing the love of the Divine Mother

Return of the Garden of Eden: The Goddess Birthing Codes

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