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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of the Advanced Diploma? The tuition cost of the Diploma is $2320 per year.

How can I pay my tuition?

1. Full payment by January 7th of $2000 (giving a $320 discount) or
2. Initial payment of $400 by January 7th and then $160 monthly for 12 months.

What does my tuition fee include?

Tuition covers the lessons, assignments and 15 hours each year of mentor evaluation and feedback. The fee also includes full access to the School forum, semester phone conferences and the Graduation Retreat.

How do I enrol?

Write your application essay and send to

How is the Advanced Diploma Structured?

Each Level runs for 40 weeks commencing in early February and finishing in early November. In Level 2 you receive a Course Resource Book for each Semester. In Level 3 there is one Resource Book that covers the 40 weeks.

Will I have the same mentor?

Every student in the Advanced Diploma receives individual mentoring. This mentor is often the same as for the Diploma but this is not guaranteed.

Do I have to participate in the School forum?

You are strongly encouraged to participate in the School forum/Facebook group page. Here you have the opportunity to both give and receive feedback within the School community.

In what ways does the journey of the Advanced Diploma differ from the Diploma?

The experiential approach continues: you learn by setting your intent, creating an internal space for the learning to come to and then trusting in the process. The intent is that you will take greater responsibility within your journey of discovery and within your mentoring sessions. The depth of the healing that opens up within the Advanced Diploma calls for a deep commitment to do the work and to actively prioritise your sacred pathway. In the Advanced Diploma you are an active participant in creating and holding group consciousness for the School. This occurs through your intent and mindfulness and through ongoing participation in the forum, phone calls, retreats and moon meditations. The Advanced Diploma actively works with both your masculine and feminine energies and with masculine and lady ascended masters. This is in contrast to the Diploma where the focus was the sacred feminine.
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