School of the Feminine Divine

Prayer of gratitude for Mother Earth

Goddess Gaia
How bountiful you are
How loving you are
To share yourself selflessly with your children.
Gaia Mother of All
Bless you infinitely
For you, so majestic, so plentiful, so loving..
Thank you for “Being”
Thank you for creating thank you for giving
Sweet Mother of this Earth, Gaia,
As your child, I am grateful,
Grateful for the soil I walk upon, the soil I seed,
The fruits you bear, the minerals, the proteins.
I am grateful for my birth and thank you for Free Will.
May all be blessed with your wisdom
May all look deep into your heart
May others listen I pray that they hear
May they see.
I Bless your Abundants,
I Bless all of Nature may it thrive in my lifetime and
many, many more to come
May the Eco System refresh its self
I ask all the Angels to shine their light on humans
I ask all humans to shine their light on the Earth.
The love I feel for you is deep within the core of my being
I know the animals, trees, the waters feel it
Connected to the Earth Soul of this very planet,
To this Solar System, to this Galaxy.
Heartfelt, I am, within this human form.
I Bless the choice’s Goddess Gaia that you make for this globe
I trust in your highest intentions
May it bring us All to the divine light
I ask your help to bring love into awareness
Not only to my heart, to the hearts of many.
Weeding your garden Earth Mother
Is done with love
I Trust you, I Bless you, I Thank you.


Prayer of gratefulness

Mother Earth and all beings you bring forth
I honour your presence and enduring power,
your opening ability and continuous nourishment.

You have touched me and have made yourself known in my life.

I unfold the many aspects of my being and of my incarnations, opening to aspects hitherto unknown.
The veils are lifting, and your roundness is
making itself apparent.
I experience a joining of the two halves of the whole,
as if you link me on different planes and help me see my entirety.

I welcome you in my life, I focus my consciousness
on your existence.
I place my wish and my intent on experiencing
all of your expressions.

I am open to come in contact with the
different kingdoms on your body.
And though I initially withdrew from your sudden voice,
I am now open to hear and see.

I offer myself as a servant of your beauty.
I honour your diversity.
I enjoy my unfolding allowing me to notice your many manifestations.

Thank you for entering my life and giving me a chance to ripen, to feel a richness, a deepening of my understanding,
an increasing connection with life in its many varieties.

You are here, you are present.
You awaken within me a desire to know and understand,
a never-ending process of growing awareness.

Thank you for making yourself known in my life.


Prayer of gratitude to the Goddess

Mother of mystery
Hidden in the moon, the stars, the infinite universe
Revealing the way if only I pause to acknowledge
To appreciate
To invoke
Revealing the path, the love, the light, my sacred journey.

Mother of the earth
Flowing, growing, renewing, resting
Bringing the surge of life’s blood
The hot clear days of sun and surf
Until your golden mantle falls to ground
I’m a leaf in your spiral dance of autumn wind
The ground is cold the day is short
Papatuanuku sleeps
And so the cycle turns
I cherish the seasons as they weave their cloak around you Sacred Doni.

Mother of light
Translucent, transparent, iridescent dragonfly’s wings
Moonbeams, starlight, sunshine
You carry a rainbow into my heart
Crystals humming their song
Song of the energy of the universe
Your music heals the wounded realms.

Mother of the dark side
Death wish, crazy, lonely, dark and deep
Embrace me now that I might know and revere your power
Darken my death and illuminate the light that guides me through the shadow.

Mother Creator
You bestow your ancient primal forces
To create, nourish, nurture and wane
I honour your sacred process
We are one in the void.


Mother Earth

Mother Earth, Gaia, whole and beautiful,
Creator of my universe, how simple you appear to me, but foiled with intricacies beyond my very soul.
Mother Earth, so green and blue to my human eye but looked more closely, you are of golden – white hew.
To sit with you in silence, is but a beginning of my inner listening.
To sit with you in silence is to give away my human sadness and troubles.
To sit with you in silence is to awaken my inner spirit.
To sit with you in silence is to feel your inner beauty, to witness your strength and power.
It is no mistake that you are circular, there is no beginning there is no end, and life is a continuous cycle, in balance.
Sitting with you Mother Earth reminds me that I am not alone, that there is a spirit larger than myself at work, a universe larger than my immediate self interest and concerns.
I thankyou for these gifts you bring to me, provider of all that I need.
As Above, so below, Earth, Fire, Air, Water.
I honour You Gaia, Mother Earth.

Prayer of gratitude to the Goddess

Great Mother Goddess, please, hear my prayer.

I pray to you with gratitude and give thanks for all you provide for me and my family.
These tools I use, are gifts to you, and from you,
thank you.

Gaia Goddess
Mother of us all
You are so abundant
growing everything we need
endlessly, without question, without judgment

Thank you Mother Goddess,
for all the beautiful plants you grow for us to gaze upon with wonder, to eat with love and hunger, you fill our bellies with nourishment and energy so we may live.

Thank you Mother Gaia.
I give to you my blood, my sacred women’s power.
I give this back to you for all that you provide for us.
I pray I will learn to flow with grace, with ease, without pain, Mother Gaia, as you do, flow flow flow your rivers go, like the ebb and flow of the ocean.
I pray Goddess Gaia, I shall be a reflection of your ease, your grace, your power, so I may grow and flow and be at one with your heart beat.

Thank you Goddess
Who is in me and around me
Eternally knowing One!

A HO Mitukye Oyasin!
(we are all related)
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