School of the Feminine Divine
Prayer of Healing for Mother Earth

Mother Earth, Earth Mother, I give thanks for all you have created, for the gift of life you provide to all beings who live within your many realms and benefit from your love and support, even though many human beings have foregone their connection with you, and no longer value and appreciate your wonderousness other than for how you can serve them, rather than how they can serve you.

I pray that you too can and will receive healing. I ask that your love and gifts will be valued for what they were intended. I pray that the abuse by humans that you have endured and are enduring still, will cease, and that peace will prevail, your resources be shared and honoured, with people taking only what they truly need in such a way that does not damage you in a disrespectful or inconsiderate way. I pray that people will hear your wisdom, and recognise your power such that you will not need to “speak” with almightly force in an effort to awaken our sleepy souls. I pray that those who have much, where your soils are more fertile, will share with those who do not. I pray too that people will remember to ask permission from the plants and the trees before removing their fruits or cutting their branches or trunks. I pray that people will give thanks to the trees for their gifts, and when they do cut them, that they will work gently from a place of love, and not hack or cut from a place of greed. I pray too that they will offer healing to the wounds, and give back to you in return for your blessings and gifts.

I pray that your dreams will be heard, and your messages received, that people will realise their are no coincidences, no “accidents”, merely messages from you to learn from and grow through. I pray that you will be free from chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and other unnatural substances that poison your layers and the food we eat, as well as the air we breathe and the environment. I pray that the forests and the oceans, the rivers and lakes, the wildlife and insects, the birds and trees, all creatures big and small, will live in harmony and balance, respecting each others place in the web of life created by you, remembering we are all one.

I pray that you may heal from the atrocities of war, waste, and abuse of your offerings. I pray that you will be given the time and space you need to heal, to reenergise your being, instead of being continually drained and pillaged of your resources.

I pray too that insects, animals and the other creatures will be left to live in balance, only giving their life as part of the natural path of nature, and not through being killed out of fear, disrespect or greed.

I dream of living in a land of nature, where the land is given time to heal and regenerate after creating the gift of food for our survival, where the soil is alive and free of chemical interference. I pray that humans will wake up and realise the tremendous gift you provide in your beingness, before it is too late, and so that generations to come will be able to enjoy your wonderous gifts.

I pray that you will heal, that you will be treated with love and respect, that gifts will also be offered to you in return for the gifts you give. I pray for healing for you now and in the future, so that you can be free and at peace, valued and loved.

I pray for you great Mother Earth.


Healing Prayer for Mother Earth

Most Holy and Sacred Mother Earth; Papatuanuku;
Goddess Gaia,
All enduring, nourishing and sustaining all life
unconditionally you give; and give; and give . . . .

What sacrilege you have experienced ; what tremendous pain you have endured, and how very patient
you are precious Mother,
Sacred Mother in all that you are I give thanks for sustaining my life and those of my family; my birth family and those with whom we share this beautiful planet,

My prayer is that humankind is awake and aware enough to defend our Mother- of -all -life and her earthly dimensions;
I pray for the strength and patience to stand strong for our Mother as she heals herself in the face of the disrespect she has been shown by those in this world who do not understand the gravity of what they do and which affects us all,

It is love for all things that will define the degree
of healing achieved,
As each person recognises this dream of wholeness, Papatuanuku will be restored,

May the benevolent powers of our Universe come together to powerfully uplift the minds and hearts of those who have the power to change the destructive patterns
which linger on our planet Gaia,
Reassure these ones as they make the transition to
unconditional love,
A vibration where hatred and destructive tendencies dissolve as the spark of creation ignites the exponential and spontaneous birth of a new world,
A paradise where all are freed from the bondage
of poverty and war.

As the magical language and culture of the Pleadian Star people is restored and the ensuing understandings ripple out
to all who inhabit Beautiful Gaia,
Joyous peace, serenity and harmony will prevail,
The miracle of life will be rediscovered,
Forests will be sustained and the language of the
trees will be understood,
Our sacred air ; water ; earth and balance of the elements will once again be pure as they innately still are, and will always be,

The power to self-heal is Universal Law,
We know this and we must remember this,




Prayer of Healing and Gratitude
to Mother Gaia

Written from an Open Heart:

A Ho Great Mother Gaia,
I pray for you this day and always.
Great Mystery, please hear my words, and as One
Bring healing to Mother Earth and all who dwell upon her.
May Mothers heart beat strong and be heard
by those who pray for her.
May Mothers womb be cleansed and purified
so the creatures of the ocean
Survive and live in Peace.
May unnecessary fishing and greed be phased out,
allowing Mothers womb
To rest and recover. May her rivers and lakes be
cleansed Great Spirit,
With the goodness of our intent and love.

May the greedy one’s who do not care, be awoken
to their unnecessary destruction,
And stop their polluting ways.

Great Mother Gaia, bless you for all you provide for us.

The grass that feeds the four leggeds. The water that
houses the fishes,
The air that helps us breath, the plants that grow
to heal us and feed us.
The trees who cling to your breast and bear fruit
for us and shade for us.
The trees that grow to house us and keep us warm.
Thank you!

I pray we will all live as a reflection of you dear mother,
living unconditionally,
Loving and nurturing each other.

Thank you Mother.
Great Mystery,
Please hear my prayers
Allow this to manifest here in this earthly realm…

A Ho Mitukye Oyasin
(we are all related, we are all one)



Prayer of Healing for the Earth

Beautiful Earth
I am constantly amazed to be living here.
I am a small creature immersed in living life according to whatever seems important to me at the time.
Round and round I go, working, sleeping, worrying, dancing, Laughing, talking, crying, loving, hating…
Is that what you do to Beautiful Earth,
With your family of planets, stars and great galaxies spread further than our small imaginations could fly?
What are we to you?
The hair on your body or the nose on your face.
Do you lament your noses ungainly shape?
Do you bemoan a bad hair day?
I am afraid we must seem terribly unruly locks.
So many split ends, lack lustre and wildly out of place.
Do you love us anyway?
I am so glad to be a part, a very small part of you.
Beautiful Earth.
Lady of so many moods.
Am I a tiny reflection of you?
We have explored you for thousands of years and never tired of recording your wonders.
We write, we paint, we study, pull everything apart then try to change it.
Sometimes it is not wonder or curiosity.
Sometimes we act without love.
Sometimes it is fear-fear of the wildness of your weather that we try so hard to predict.
Fear of the fires in your belly that shake the surface and shatter so easily our proud works.
Fear of the wildness of our fellow creatures living in these fertile lands.
Fear that we are not really in control of our destinies.
Then we tear down, we poison, and we kill.
We clear off and rearrange, tame and imprison all that abundance of life that shares our mother earth.
We have grown strong on the bounty of our Mother and now refuse to share.
We are made from the very cells of this great planet Earth and shall relinquish those very cells to her well used.
Or not.
Well used, Overused, Abused even our very own bodies.
I have read about a people in the Amazon who hold their babies all the time.
If the mother needs to she will give her baby to someone else to hold.
They always know the safety of being held until they are ready to explore.
They are the calmest, sunniest babies one and all.
I pray that we could also have that experience, to know that we are held always in the arms of our Mother the Earth herself.
We have become so desperate to put something, anything between nature and ourselves. Safe from damp, heat, sun, wind, bugs.
How we fear for our lives so much that anything we have not made ourselves has become an enemy.
We build a world for ourselves inside this earthly paradise and call it our paradise.
To build it we take and take and store away for later. Jealously guarding our bounty from our earthly kindred we separate ourselves from that which gave us all in the first place!
I do not mean to say that we all turn our backs there are many that look out for the trees, the oceans and the environment.
May they be blessed in all the work that they do.
It’s just that when we look out into the world at all the fine things that man has made.
Well we want them all…or at least the basics.
Electricity with appropriate appliances of course.
Hot and cold running water.
A home of our own.
And so it spreads.
Consumerism consuming the Earth.
We are so out of control - so out of balance with the true nature of things.
We are destroying our very foundations on this planet, our life support.
I don’t think we are ready to explore this universe without you our Mother Earth
How will we survive?.
Can we learn another way?
Can we grow in wisdom, caring for all creatures, all life and this whole planet.
That she might always shine as a jewel in this universe.
We do read the signs, we tell stories of what might come as if we were in an age full of prophets. I pray these stories will strike sparks in the hearts of brave men and woman to fight for the life and soul of our mother and the whole family of Earth.

There is a moon at night that breathes of wildness.
A darkness that hides a mystery.
My wondering mind takes pathways into the unknown.
How I pray they will always be there.
My seriousness drags me down into the mundane.
Where I wish for all people to be changed.
But I know not into what.
Who has made us like this…so hopeful, so imaginative,
So thoughtless, so selfish.
We are like wily children doing anything to have our own way. So clever, so inventive So self absorbed.
Beautiful Mother.
There you are for everyone to see.
Clothed in wild abundance.
We look and like a child we see the dream.
We reach out for the controls crying “Let me drive!”
I pray for us that the gods be gentle in their admonishments for our driving has brought us to the brink of an abyss.
I fear we may have broken the controls and be ready to fall.
Can we fly?
At the end is there a new beginning?
I pray for us all that there is.


Mother Earth

Mother Earth
I pray for you,
I pray that
your Oceans and Lakes and Rivers,
will be Cleansed and Restored
to the Elixirs of Life,
that they once were.
I pray
that your Forests and Mountains and Plains,
be Cleansed and Restored
as the Homes of all Wildlife
that they once were.
I pray that Balance will come,
to the Seasons and Climates
and I pray for Enlightenment
for all Spirits
who live on and within you.


Prayer for Healing Mother Earth

O great Mother Earth,
I feel You under my feet
Smiling with Love at me
Love Your spring creeks
Love Your rivers
Love Your sea

I pray for You
I care for you
I love You from deep of my Hearth
Mother Earth I wish I happiness for you

A milions of children you have
A milions of Hearts is smiling at You
The pink flower came from you as I came from You
You are my Mother I am Your doughter
We are union
Union of Love
I would touch You with my womb
A sunshine rain of Love

I wish all Your children just have a look
and see who You truly are
and blessed You care for You
and when we come back to Your arms
have Hearts full of Love to give to You


Listen to my story

Your rivers are filled with poison Mother Africa
Your soil eroded and raped
No tears from the sky Mother Africa
Our throats are dry and our Voices silent

We walk you scorched earth
With blistered feet Mother Africa
Our mouths are dry, our bellies empty Mother Africa
Our blood, like yours, poisoned with a sickness
That kills our young warriors and
Your beautiful daughters Mother Africa

Only we are left Mother Africa
Orphans as consequence with no consequence
Silent, unheard and unknown
Because not called for
Unseen because not looked for.

Only our tears can now wet the dry land Mother Africa
We weep now that you have stopped weeping
We starve now that you have turned away
The buzz of cicadas
The hum of your waiting
After our turning away.

For as you are raped so are we
As you are violated, burned and scorned
So are our women beaten, downtrodden and mutilated.
A prayer for you is a prayer for the women of Africa
A prayer for your healing is a prayer for ours.

I cry from the mountaintop Mother Africa
My voice carried by the wind
Through forest and tall grasses
Through caves and coastal rocks

My cry for healing shudders through hardened earth and heart Into the soles of our feet, into the heart of our souls

The thump of Africa's heartbeat grows
From a whimper to a howl
The beat of our drums
The song of our hearts
The dance of our prayers for your healing.

I call on you Mother Africa
Mother of us all, within us all
You have suckled our First People
Suckle now your New People

I call on your powers of regeneration and healing
And I call on ours.
Your healing is our healing
Our healing is yours
Your rebirth is the rebirth of humanity.

This prayer is a vision
This vision an invocation
This invocation our future
And may this future be ours now.


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