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Initiation of the School

The School was initiated by the planting of a sacred garden – the Garden of the Feminine Divine.
Seven magnolia trees were planted signifying an invocation to the feminine celestial hierarchy to envelop and bless this initiative. The seven trees were planted on seven holy days leading up to the first new moon of the new millennium. Each tree is a witness to the heavens of the seven notes of the new millennium and each tree has celestial feminine guardians.

The first tree anchors the energies of the 7 feminine Archangels of this solar system Faith, Constance, Charity, Hope, Mary, Aurora Grace and Holy Amethyst. These 7 Archangels also anchor the energies of the seven rays within the sacred Garden and within this School.

The second tree anchors the energies of the hosts of angels who act in accord with the Archangels.

The third tree anchors the energies of Quan Yin, the mother of compassion and wisdom.

The 4th tree anchors the energies of the sacred Mary’s, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene.

The 5th tree anchors the energies of Lady Vesta – the feminine solar logos.
It is Vesta who whispers to the Archangels the blueprint for each year at the moment of the first new moon. The same moment that this school was born. On the whisper of the rhythm of the breath of the sacred feminine. Within the whisper of the sacred blueprint for creation. The 5th tree also anchors the energies of the Lady Venus, the great being of light who symbolically represents the feminine divine in our solar system.

The 6th tree honours and is honoured by Lady Flora the keeper of the wisdom and power of all flora and fauna on Mother earth. She is the one who holds the memory of life in harmony with all of nature. Flowing with the winds of the Universe without resistance and joyfully.

The 7th tree planted to align with the first new moon of the new millennium is honoured to anchor the energies of the Mother Divine. She who sits on the celestial throne of the many Universes and is God. She, within whom we live, move and have our being. She who is the first breath and the first word. She who whispered the first sound of creation.’
She says ‘Be still and know that I am God’ just as He says ‘Be still and know that I am God’

But hers is a voice that has not been heard on Earth for thousands of years. We must acknowledge that as Mother Earth is feminine, her healing is dependent on the voice of Spirit as Mother, the song of Spirit as Mother and the dance of Spirit as Mother covering the land.

Come join the whisper, the word made manifest, the song and the dance of the Mother Divine and honour your own heart as you honour Gaia, the celestial feminine Being of light we call Mother Earth.
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