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The Journey

The School is set up as a transformational journey through the medium of the sacred feminine.
There are daily sacred practices including meditation and journaling. In addition to the daily work
the time required is about one day per week. Each quarter has readings, written work,
use of the medicine wheel, creative work and other focused sacred practices.
Work needs to be sent in to the School fortnightly.
The Diploma in Sacred Arts, designed as a correspondence course, can be taken from any location.
Each student receives a course resource book which outlines the curriculum for a semester.
Each semester runs for 20 weeks and there are 2 semesters per school year.
There is an annual 4 day retreat for the school.
The course is designed for those people who are ready to make a significant commitment
to their spiritual growth and healing . There is much scope for each person's journey in the school
to be a unique journey. The journey is full of wonderment and challenges.
It is shamanic in nature and calls to all aspects of self to be healed and integrated.
Accepting the challenge of such a journey is a significant gift to yourself and your soul.

Each student is assigned a mentor who works closely with that student to ensure that the journey of the school
is in harmony with the needs of the student. It is recognised that every studentís journey is unique and that each
studentís prior life experiences along with their intent will influence the nature of their journey within the school.
In the school we see mentoring as the dance of giving and receiving wisdom.
ĎNo longer can we tell if it is the student offering herself to the teacher or the teacher offering herself to the student. We see each of the two beings mirroring the other in pure reflectioní

Being a mentor within the school has been another wonderful opportunity. It is very reciprocal in that the learning is both given and received and has allowed me the privilege of walking beside my students, to support and share a part of their journey whilst continuing my own spiritual development within this unique environment.
Paula - Mentor
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