School of the Feminine Divine

The Sound Of Peace

Hush she says
I am with you Forever and always

In truth I am but a breath away
For I am Your hearts desire

I live in your heart
Your heart of hearts The home of all
That is sacred

Your heart is my heart
Is all hearts We are all interconnected
And we are all sacred Your friend and your foe are sacred

Who is your foe?
But the shadow you have cast
Where you lack the will to focus your light

Everything All universes
Are to be found within your heart
So you are in truth everything
You are both your friend and your foe
You are my heart You are all hearts

Such is the Mystery But within the Mystery
Is the truth of love We are all
Made of love I the Goddess am made of love
And you the Goddess is made of love

Friend foe angel
All made of love

You Me
Made of love
Made of the Mystery
Called love I am the Mystery
The ancient keeper of the Mystery
And you
Are me

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