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Resource List

Moon Calendar

An excellent source is creative cronies

Wisdom Cards Please choose one resource from the Wisdom cards for daily inspiration

Andrews, Lynn (1991) The Power Deck

Brailsford, B (1999) Wisdom of the Four Winds. Te Wananga o Nga Hau e Wha
Marashinsky, S and H Janto (1997) The Goddess Oracle. A Way to Wholeness through the Goddess and Ritual

Course Books
Essential Reading

1st quarter

Andrews, Lynn. V (1985) Jaguar Woman: And the Wisdom of the Butterfly Tree

2nd quarter

Stone, Wistancia (1999) Invocations to the Light

3rd quarter

Andrews, Lynn V (1991) Woman of Wyrrd

4th quarter

Bender, Sue (1996) Everyday Sacred: A Woman's Journey Home

Other Great Reading Daily reading

Andrews, L (1994) Walk in Balance: Meditations with Lynn Andrews
Monaghan, P (1999) The Goddess Companion: Daily Meditations on the Feminine Spirit

Journal Work

Goldberg, N (1986). Writing Down the Bones
One of the diaries of Anais Nin

1st quarter
Andrews, Lynn V. (1981) Medicine Woman

Choose from the following movies to assist you in understanding the Mother energies.

Amamelia’s favourites:
Enchanted April
Thelma and Louise
The Joy Luck Club
Like Water for Chocolate

Fried Green Tomatoes
Little Women
Sense and Sensibility

Nin, Anais (1973) A Spy in the House of Love

2nd quarter
Stone, Wistancia & Joshua Stone (2001) Empowerment and Integration through the Goddess. Vol 1
Austen, Hallie Iglehart (1990) The Heart of the Goddess: Art Myth and Meditations of the World's Sacred Feminine
The website:
Go to “The Lost Knowledge” for messages from the Lady Masters and the Goddesses.

3rd quarter
Andrews, Lynn. V (1987) Crystal Woman: The Sisters of the Dreamtime
Kahukiwa, Robyn and Patricia Grace (1984) Wahine Toa Women of Maori Myth
Labeitia (2001) Daybreak...Visions of Tree Reality

4th quarter
Akasha & Asun (2005) Journey to Self Realization.
Andrews, Lynn V. (1997). Love and Power: Awakening to Mastery
Bender, Sue (2001) Stretching Lessons: The Daring that Starts from Within
Byrne, Rhonda (2006) The Secret
Starhawk (2000) The Twelve Wild Swans

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